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Learning New Information

So, you’re teaching your child some new information and they have this “deer in a headlights” look on their face. How do you get them to understand this new information?

That’s the answer. Teaching new information to anyone, let alone children, is a difficult task to achieve. What you need to understand is that it is very difficult for our brains to grasp a new concept without it being connected to something else.

That’s the hook! It’s a connection! Connect their new information to something they already have learned or know.

For example:

* Multiplication - This is just adding fast. Have your child add up groups of items. Then show them a “faster” way to add and write the same problem as a multiplication problem. You have hooked multiplication to addition.

* Writing a Paragraph - This is just writing a few sentences together. Review with them about how to write a sentence. Then have them write a sentence about a topic. Then have them write another sentence about the same topic. Have them do this a couple more times. Then combine those sentences and voila! you have a sentence.

* Bible History - Review with them the stories that they already know. Put them together on a timeline and there you have it…Bible history.

* Writing in Cursive - This is just connecting your printed letters together. Have you child write their name in print letter. Then write over their letters in cursive, showing them how it’s just connecting all of the letters together.

Do you see how connecting the new learning to some old learning makes the connection so much easier? It’s really just taking the information that they already know to the next level.


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