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Playing Tic Tac Toe To Learn

This simple game is a great way to get your children to practice anything: math, spelling, grammar, anything really!

So, how do we play?

1 - Make 9 cards with any information on them. If they are practicing math facts, put 9 different facts on the cards. If they are practicing nouns and verbs, put different examples of them.

2 - Put the cards upside down in a Tic Tac Toe game style (3 rows of 3 cards).

3 - Play Tic Tac Toe. You could play with one child or have two of your children play together. Each person takes a turn, turning over the card they want and solving the problem, classifying the noun or verb, etc.

4 - If they solve the card, they mark it with an “X” or an “O” with their chosen color. We use post-it notes so that we can use the cards again.

Question: How do we practice spelling this way? When a player chooses a card, the other player picks up the card and tells them to spell the word written on it.

This is a simple way to practice any skill that you’ve been working on.


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